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Our Historical Fiction imprint to Publish Two Volume Epic About the Old American West

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Historical Fiction imprint of History Publishing Company will release an important new book in two volumes. Sully’s American West.

Think Little Big Man, the book by Thomas Berger published in 1964 and made into a movie with Dustin Hoffman in 1990 playing the role of Jack Crabbe, the 111 year old white man who recounts his youthful experience with the Cheyenne Indians weaving fictional accounts into actual happenings.

Now fifty three years later, think “Sully’s American West.” It starts in 1895 in San Francisco, Sully introduces himself and explains how he’s come to write this story after 32 years traveling through America’s Old West and experiencing its greatest characters and events

His story starts as a youth. He is William Garvey Sullivan, a sixteen year old boy in Ireland with a passion for adventure unexpectedly finding passage to America. As a result of his upbringing, along with his passion and capacity for travel, Sully has several natural abilities – he is liked by most everyone he meets, has an exceptional gift for gab, can outwork most anyone, plays a good fiddle, and loves to cook for himself and others. These are the attributes that will eventually carry him across America’s West. “And indeed they do,” says Publisher Donagh Bracken, “with those few attributes Sully is allowed to grow into an epic new figure in American literature.”

And Sully’s epic commences when he arrives in New York on what turns out to be the eve of the infamous New York Draft Riots. He witnesses them from start to finish and records in great detail all that he saw - from what led up to them, to the incredible and often horrible acts themselves, and the aftermath of those terrible days.

After the dust settles, Sully finds himself fully integrated into the New York culture with a lot of friends - most particularly, pub owners John and Mary McSorley who become instrumental in Sully’s future adventures. Sully works at the New York docks during the day, and as a cook, bartender, and entertainer at McSorley’s in the evening. During this time: Sully befriends a fellow worker, Catherine McCarty and her young son Henry – who he was destined to meet up with again, years later in the West. By that time though, Henry McCarty had become known as Billy the Kid.

John McSorley, besides being a great friend to Sully, is also an exceptional businessman. He recognizes Sully’s restless nature, and also a good business opportunity when he sees one. Together they invent the first portable kitchen, or “chuck wagon” as it was later to become known. John decides to fund Sully, helps him get set up, and sends him off on his Western adventures to meet and deal with Wyatt Earp, Jesse James and a host of others while finding himself in the middle of such events and places as Tombstone, Dodge City, the OK Corral, the Johnson County War, Northfield, Minnesota bank robbery and more, and still more.

The story is a big one, as big as the West itself. It cannot be told in one book, Volume One which leaves Sully on the road to Tombstone, will be available June 30, 2017. Volume Two will be available August 15, 2017.

Author Edward Graves knows the West too although born in Ithaca, New York he is now a long time resident of Oklahoma where he resides with his wife Pamela and their three children. He is a world traveled businessman, an acknowledged expert on horses, and the default author for numerous companies for business related journals and articles. He is a veteran of the United States Navy.

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Introducing History Publishing Company Global

History Publishing Company, a traditional book publisher with a strong American History title list, has stepped into the future and settled in front of the curve in the changing publishing industry by initiating a cyber-first platform called Global Outreach. A cyber- first program that distributes the initial publications of its new titles electronically to all English speaking countries as well as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, each of the latter with a significant English speaking population. The English speaking countries are the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“In addition to a broad sales and marketing sweep, Global Outreach will be an early examination of the market attraction each title has generated,” said History Publishing Company’s Publisher Donagh Bracken. “ When the title goes to the secondary print market, we will have a clearer understanding of the title’s realistic potential and the marketplace to which it will have the strongest appeal. When we implement language translations for each title in each nation in the near future, our specificity will be even more exact.”

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