The Forgotten Soldier of the Second Wave

By Fawn Zwickel

The Forgotten Soldier by Fawn Zwickel is the wartime story of one soldier, Sgt. Dan Altman, who was in the Second Wave of the U.S. Army D-Day assault on Omaha Beach. The author wrote a highly acclaimed account of the landing and went on to write of Sgt. Altman’s wartime experience from Omaha to the Hurtgen Forest, the Battle of the Bulge then on to the liberation of the concentration camps and finally to the guarding of the Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg. The author drew from extensive interviews with Dan Altman and from U.S. Government files.

About the Author

Fawn Zwickel

Fawn Zwickel is the author of “The Forgotten Soldier of the Second Wave.” She lives two miles away from an Army Arsenal in Rockaway New Jersey, where a strong and proud military presence is common. Growing up in a supportive and nurturing conservative Jewish home she found writing as the platform to express pivotal moments.

While attending SUNY Purchase she established a creative foundation for drawing and painting, then transferring to the University of Bridgeport in C.T. for a B.S. degree in Marketing. She soon realized the potential and possibilities behind strategically executed words and harnessing powerful imagery is endless. To test the epiphany she teamed up with top record producers such as Earl Cohen (Lady GaGa) and Marc Salamone (Breaking Benjamin) and experimenting with powerful content it was evident the material connected with the listener.
Fawn then decided to redirect her talent to writing prose when an amazing WWII veteran inspired her to tell his story. She started noticing how her generation has lost its connection to the true grit generation of WWII, the events during this period have been glossed over and need a firsthand perspective.

Fawn has been honored to champion the remarkable generation as well as present veterans by using truthful and penetrating words to engage and lure the reader into the depths of war walking side by side with the soldier.