Custer Survivor Second Edition

By John Koster

Custer Survivor was originally published to starred reviews in both “Publishers Weekly” and “Library Journal” in 2011. Author John Koster used forensic evidence to prove that despite the mythological belief that all the troopers in the Seventh Cavalry with Custer had perished at the Battle of the Little Big Horn – Custer’s Last Stand – there was an actual survivor, Sgt. Frank Finkel of ”C” Company. “Custer Survivor” aroused a large segment of the populace that believed the author was incorrect and attempts to disprove the book arose. Author John Koster stood his ground Since then the author uncovered additional information to conclusively establish that there was a soldier survivor at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.This edition includes photographs from both the Ohio and Washington State branches of Frank Finkel’s family and from the public domain which offer camera portraits of August Finckle, Second Sergeant of C Company, 7th Cavalry, reportedly killed at Custer’s Last Stand and of purported Custer Survivor Frank Finkel and his father and mother. Research published after the original “Custer Survivor” also contests the idea that any reliable witness saw Sergeant Finckle’s body at the Little Bighorn.

About the Author

John Koster

winner of the 1974 NJ SDX Award for Distinguished Public Service

John Koster is the author of Custer Survivor (2010) A contributing writer for “Wild West”, Koster also writes for “Military History” and “American History”, A Viet Nam-era veteran and a published translator from German, French, and Dutch, Koster also speaks rudimentary Lakota. He has lectured at Rutgers, Fareligh Dickinson University and Long Island University and taught writing as an adjunct [professor at Ramapo College.